Private Grants

Private Foundations are created by wealthy corporations, trusts, and individuals to help individuals and small businesses by giving them free grant money.

Each foundation usually focuses on certain segments of the population. They may focus on providing money to people and businesses in specific areas, or for specific purposes such as starting a business or paying medical and living expenses.

The Free Money Directory contains an extensive list of private grant making foundations and connects you with databases and resources to locate thousands more. The Free Money Directory allows you to begin accessing these foundations online today.


In order to maintain
their tax-exempt status, private foundations are
required to distribute at least 5% of their total
assets each year. This is the minimum amount required
and most foundations give out much more!


What Types of Assistance is Available?

The amount of money distributed every year averages $4,000 per family. Assistance is available for many different reasons including:

Purchase of a new home Childcare expenses Medical expenses
Repair your current home Pay for groceries Pay bills for senior citizens
Pay for rent or mortgage Pay for clothing Debts
Utility bills School supplies Real estate taxes
Purchase a car Legal services Other general living expenses

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